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Redleif Mind and Body Fitness offers personal training, programs and services in the Bolton, Ontario and surrounding area. Our programs are geared towards women of all ages, with a focus on the childbearing years. During your in-home personal training sessions we assess your fitness needs, and provide a personalized exercise program. Redleif offers guidance and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals by monitoring your progress, and adjusting your program.

We all lead busy lives. Redleif Mind and Body Fitness can help you create a fitness plan that accommodates your busy schedule. We can help you fit exercise and a healthier lifestyle into your daily routine. Redleif makes sure you get in shape by coming directly to you in the privacy of your own home, bringing all the necessary equipment. Improving your health may be easier than you think.

Whether your path is leading to or from childbirth, Redleif has a program to keep you prepared for what lies ahead.

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